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She shared her vibes about her recent success at New Zealander of the Year Award

Without any doubts, Annabel Langbein is one of the most popular chefs in the world and a role model for many. Despite her age, she is still young, beautiful, and hasn’t lost even one bit of her popularity.

Annabel is still extremely focused on what is doing and no matter what it is she is always successful in it. The celebrity reached her main goals and seems to be unstoppable. She keeps making other people envy each of her achievements.
Her capacity for work and boundless energy are an example for many people. She has been working in the cooking field for many years and became a certain symbol of her profession. She created her own understanding of beauty of food and presented it to the world. Helping women in revealing their genuine talents became her unique thing.

Many brands entrusted their endeavor to Annabel while can represent real passion better. She appeared on the covers of all the top magazines, including Vogue and Cosmopolitan, many times. But cooking is not the only Langbein’s achievement. She launched many other interesting projects thanks to her extreme enthusiasm and energy. Doing something important became her strong intention and she managed to do it well.

Her main message to the masses was “every person is beautiful”. Her multiple TV shows and programs told people around the world about the different concept of cooking. She spent up to several months to learn about different cultures and customs of different nations. Her team and she traveled around the globe in search of people with different origin intending to discover their true beauty. Annabel became a real support for thousands of women around the world showing how unique and beautiful each of them was.

Langbein confessed that she couldn’t even imagine her project and everything she does will have such an influence on people. Both experts and simple viewers shared their positive feedback and reviews. According to Annabel Langbein, modern women don’t perceive beauty in its full concept. We follow very narrow standards which prevent us from understanding our uniqueness and value. Annabel explained that we have to start a long spiritual journey to ourselves to get rid of those standards and stereotypes.

Kitchens became nothing for Annabel, she took her yoga mat to travel to India and find harmony and peace. She practiced and studied inner harmony a lot. She became so confident that could help other females fight against their fears and other issues. Annabel worked as a yoga coach and practiced her skills with the group of Kiwi women in New Zealand before starting to work on her TV show. Thus, her product appeared to be really special and of a high demand eventually.

Her project was recognized all over the world and her hard-won TV show got a couple of awards. Everyone saw how sincere and happy she was at the stage when winning her main prize. She seemed to burst into tears. Langbein confessed that from now and on, she is more confident than ever in her beginnings. Thanks to this experience, she managed to meet so many interesting people. The prize was really desirable. Her main achievement, according to Annabel, was that we shall not ignore any culture while food can be different!

But let’s not forget that Annabel Langbein is a chef and beautiful lady, so she has her beauty rituals, as well. Hydration is something that she cannot miss and this is her skincare routine. Different crèmes, masks, and lotions are a must for her.

Annabel takes care of her figure, as well. She said that no matter how sporty and slim a person is, the waist tends to look wider after the heavy food. So a healthy breakfast and a light dinner are an inseparable part of her daily routine. Tasty supper can perfectly substitute her dinner!

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