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Lucy Lawless Won the Local Idol Prize at Annual LGBTI Awards in New Zealand

The LGBTI Awards is a popular event organized to showcase people who supported or inspired the LGBTI community. The event helps to recognize those individuals who have helped to establish equality between people of different genders, ideas, and sexual orientation.

The latest LGBTI Awards took place in Auckland, New Zealand on 29th of November 2018. Guests were invited to the luxurious hall of Cordis Hotel. The Awards became the first event of the type that was held in New Zealand.

Lucy Lawless is a very special guest at the ceremony. She’s been already awarded by LGBTI community several times before. However, this year she was very worried and emotional holding her special Local Icon Award.

Lucy Lawless is a Living Legend and a Talented Actress

Lucy’s face looks familiar to almost every person on the planet. She has starred in a great number of TV shows, programmes, and films. However, her most popular role ever was Xena: Warrior Princess.

Lucy and her popular TV character became one of the first examples of pure feminism and gender equality. Moreover, Xena: Warrior Princess has been one of the first and, perhaps, the brightest bisexual TV characters.

Now, years after her great debut on a screen, 50-year-old Lucy Lawless looks the same beautiful and strong as two decades ago. Lucy is a rare combination of natural beauty, incredible inner power, and a kind heart.

The Real Woman Behind Her Roles

No doubts, Xena has become a great inspiration for many feminist and gay communities. However, Lucy is not less brave and strong as her popular TV character. The actress who was born in New Zealand has already become a national hero for kiwis.

Only some people know that Lucy dedicates a lot of her time supporting people and solving environmental problems. Lucy Lawless dreams to see the world a better place and she works hard for her dream to become true.

The former ‘Mrs. New Zealand’ used to work with the famous Greenpeace organization, being their ambassador. Years after her contract is over, Lucy is still very interested in environmental issues.

Lucy is also a strong supporter of LGBTI communities. She has repeatedly protected the rights of the communities in her public speeches and interviews. Lucy often attends and supports gay parades and similar events. The actress says that her main idea is to make the world a safer place for people no matter who they are.

Great Speech of Lucy Lawless at the 2018 LGBTI Awards

2018 LGBTI Awards was a special event for the actress. Being on the stage she was very sincere and emotional. The actress looked incredibly beautiful and very brave wearing her stylish black mini dress. Lucy amazed everyone with her natural, simple and very elegant image.

The actress looked very happy holding her award. It was not the first time when Lucy was awarded, however, this time it was very special. The actress felt honored receiving her prize in New Zealand where she was born and being surrounded with her loyal fans and friends.

The speech of the actress was very sincere. She was laughing and joking, however, there were times when she could hardly hide her tears. Lucy made the audience listen to each of her words. Guests burst in applause when she finished her speech, showing their support and great respect.

Lucy is a great example of how much a single person can do to make the world better. Silke Bader, the director of the New Zealand LGBTI Awards told that one of the goals of the event was to establish powerful role models for representatives of the LGBTI community and those people who support them. Slike Bader believes that Lucy Lawless is that special person who can inspire and lead people and she deserves being honored for great things she has already done.

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