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Her Awards Statement Melted Our Hearts

Rachel Hunter is among the most famous supermodels in the world and an evident modeling queen. At 49, she remains extremely popular and beautiful. Her achievement is an incentive to be envy. Although becoming an absolute demonstration of a goal-oriented and a highly energetic woman, Rachel just focuses on the modeling solely.

Symbolizing a beauty profession and working through the sphere for several years, Rachel introduced a robust understanding of what genuine beauty is and the right method to assist women in revealing their true beauty.

In 2015 Rachel began her show. She traveled the world aiming to uncover what beauty meant in various cultures and how diverse it can be. The television series known as “Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty” for TV One was watched in awe by many people. The success motivated Hunter to produce something more.

Rachel traveled to India a place she practiced yoga with professionals, learning from them. In December Hunter grew to become a professional yoga coach eager to assist people in finding out more about their bodies, inner strength, energy, and beauty.

Later on, Rachel arranged a tour to New Zealand. Her journey was centered on revealing her life perception with thousands of Kiwi women, informing them about beauty and healthy way of life.

Rachel’s work resulted in great curiosity. Hunter received the Best Lifestyle Programme at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019 and after which she discovered she now has several fans and followers across the world.

Interviewer: Alright! So, Rachel, we informed you earlier that you are about to win! Did you believe this was destined to be in the back?

Rachel: Absolutely no, even after I heard my name, I really could not imagine it was happening to me. I was a lot shocked which describes my delayed reaction. Working on the project was extremely significant; therefore winning this award made me really emotional. I was going to cry.

Lots of people thought that our program was about lipstick, mascara or other things that are typical for introducing the beauty market sector. However, we needed a unique course of action. We pretty much traveled the world, introducing everyday people, to their realities in retrospect to their societies. We figured out the way they perceived beauty. I stated before that a program like ours was essential to cease disregarding societies and to enhance diverse individuals’ sensation on beauty.

Interviewer: Such a great message! How do you like creative people here?

Rachel: Ooh! I so much love Singapore. It’s a beautiful place to be. What I like most is the opportunity to get to meet and mix up with so many talented people. I’ve spent most of my life in the USA, knowing so little about different cultures and ways of living of people in other countries. I’m glad to discover how diverse and beautiful the world is. I’m truly honored to be here.

Interviewer:  I was so happy to have you here tonight. We love the work that you do. And final question; what is your goal to a post-award meal?

Rachel: I planned on having some pasta tonight. That can be very helpful for me right now. I’d take my breakfast and then go with some small snacks for the day. I need to maintain a flat stomach during my busy day.

Interviewer: Is that one of your beauty secrets?

Rachel: It won’t be wrong to say so. My other beauty secret is using a lot of hydrating masks. I’ve checked some stores here, and I love the choice of the hydrating mask they offer.  I’ve already bought and tried some in the morning.

Interviewer: Congratulations once again! Such a pleasure to meet you here! Enjoy your work!

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