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Betty Stole the Show at Emmys With Emotional Speech

Betty White is the rare example of a long-lasting popularity. The talented actress is known for almost everyone and has stayed famous for several generations. Regardless of her age, Betty is still able to stop the show getting loud applause. And this is what exactly happened during the latest Emmy Awards when 96 y.o. White took a word.

This year Emmy Awards was organized in Los Angeles, California in a hall of Microsoft Theater. The event took place on Monday, September 17. All who was not present could watch the 2018 Emmy Awards broadcasted by NBC.

When White was invited for a speech she was very emotional and sincere, thanking everyone who is still supporting the actress and appreciates her talent after so many years being on stage.

Emmy White is an exceptional actress. She took part in a great number of cinematographic projects, playing different roles.


This 96 y.o. lady is a symbol of several generations in cinematography, a legend, and an inspirational example. When Betty White was introduced by Kate McKinnon, she called White ‘the greatest of all time’. And it was more than just words.

Loud Plaudits

White’s career started a decade before the Emmy Awards event was organized for the first time. Next year the event will celebrate its 70’s anniversary, however, Betty remembers cinematography long before Emmys appeared.

Taking the stage, Betty White was met with loud applause. Such warm and bright reaction cheered Betty up. It was visible how emotional and happy she became, standing on stage and realizing she was still loved and appreciated by the audience. White demonstrated a wonderful sense of humor, joking and telling some funny facts during her incredible speech.


Still The Same Dear Betty

Speech of Betty White made the audience laugh, applause and smile. The actress herself was very cheerful and happy. However, she found a moment to be serious. White was very sincere, saying how much she appreciated support and love that she had received during years of her presence in show business. There at the stage she was not playing another role, she was so honest and vulnerable with tears in her eyes and with a voice that was trembling with excitement.

She mentioned name Lorne Michaels and thanked him for an opportunity to present at the event.

No Retirement For The Star

Steven J. Boettcher a close friend of Betty told that the actress always loves working. She can’t imagine her life without cinematography, cameras and everyday work. Betty White is not planning for retirement.

Boettcher also revealed that he is a co-director of an upcoming show dedicated to career and personal life of Betty White. The planned name of the show is ‘Betty White: First Lady of Television’

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