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A Touching Moment: Shania Twain Left Everyone Crying When Being Honored at Academy Awards

Shania Twain has always been an example of authentic beauty and an ambassador of many fashion brands. Her fascinating modeling and acting career started when she was 16. Shania appeared on covers of the most popular fashion magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, and Vogue.

However, Twain is famous not only in the modelling and movies industry. Her natural energy, enthusiasm, and strong intention to do something important let her start other interesting projects. Being one of the most beautiful women in the world and a role model for thousands of women, she decided to spread a very notional message: every person is beautiful.

Shania decided to start her own show in 2015. The TV series that were directed by Shania were called “Shania Twain’s Tour of Beauty”. Each episode of the TV program was filmed in different parts of the world and was aimed at showing how different the concept of beauty can be.

Sometimes, it was necessary to spend months learning about distinctive cultures, world’s exotic traditions, and the way people of different origin see beauty. Shania traveled around the planet to find interesting individuals and to support women revealing the meaning of being unique and beautiful the way each woman is.

Starting the show, the former supermodel could not even imagine how influential her work may become. Currently, the show has been watched by thousands of people around the globe. It received mostly positive feedback and experts’ reviews.

Discovering New Edges of Beauty

Shania believes that modern women have a very narrow concept of what beauty is. The standards we look at don’t allow any woman to feel that she’s valuable and special. The first step in destroying those harmful standards is starting a long spiritual journey to yourself.

Shania changed a fashion podium to a yoga mat and traveled to India to practice yoga and to learn more about local practices that help people find harmony and peace. The new knowledge made Shania confident that she is able to support other women in fighting their fears and psychological issues.

Before starting the show, Shania had already worked as a yoga coach. She also practiced her skills meeting a group of women in Canada. This experience became a key to creating a very special TV product that caused great interest and was demanded.

Academy Awards

Shania’s show was nominated for an award in 2019. The ex-model came to Toronto to be present at the event and was pleasantly shocked when her program was called Best Lifestyle Program. Shania made everyone smile with her very sincere reaction to hearing her name from the stage.

Shania told that Academy Awards made her feel more confident in what she does. Moreover, it became a very special eye-opening experience that allowed her to meet new interesting people.

Finally, Shania was happy to be on the stage holding the desirable prize. She managed to spread her message so far: no culture shall be ignored, beauty can be different!

Shania’s Beauty Secrets

Being one of the most popular fashion models, Shania is often asked about her own beauty rituals. This time was not an exception. The supermodel told that the most important thing in her skincare routine is hydration. She uses lots of hydrating creams and masks.

Moreover, Shania found some hours for shopping day before the event. She loved the diversity of hydrating masks in Canada shops and tried some, preparing for the event.

Another beauty hack from Shania is eating less before an important occasion: no matter how slim and sporty you are, your waist will look wider after some heavy food. That’s why Shania had healthy breakfast and replaced dinner with some light snacks before coming to the Awards. However, the model told that the absence of dinner can be compensated with a tasty supper. Twain planned for a portion of pasty at the end of a busy day!

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